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Early Stage 1996-2006

RIIFO was established and its Multilayer Pipe was launched to rapidly replace harmful galvanized steel pipes,  greatly improving people's indoor plumbing habits.

Certified by TUV ISO9001

The Group was certified by TUV ISO9001. This certification built a solid basis for global market expansion.

Obtained more than 10 certifications

RIIFO obtained more than 10 certifications worldwide, including NSF, DVGW, SKZ, WRAS, CSTB, KIWA, KOMO, AENOR, WATERMARK, STANDARDSMARK, AGA, and SABS. These certifications have led to rapid sales growth in America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

One of the top 3 manufacturers

RIIFO became one of the top 3 manufacturers of multilayer pipes globally.

PEX Plumbing System was launched

PEX Plumbing System was launched and certified by NSF, ACS, WaterMark, etc.

Growth Stage 2006-2016
Set up a new brass hardware production center

RIIFO set up a new brass hardware production center to serve its customers better with a complete piping solution. Currently, its annual production capacity  is up to 250 million pieces.  

One of the world's largest multilayer pipe manufacturers

Three advanced factories were set up this year to improve production capacity. This led to RIIFO becoming  one of the world's largest multilayer pipe manufacturers. 

Obtained the certification from CNAS

The RIIFO Lab obtained the certification from CNAS, which indicated RIIFO's ability to carry out international standard tests and apply a strict quality control system.

One of the biggest PP-R pipes suppliers worldwide

The 10th factory went into production. RIIFO became one of the biggest PP-R pipes suppliers around the world. 

Expansion Phase 2016-Present
Set up a subsidiary in Indonesia

RIIFO Indonesia started up in August 2018 in Jarkarta, Indonesia. Since then, RIIFO has developed 30 distributors and 3080 outlets in 18 provinces and more than 80 cities in Indonesia. 

Set up a subsidiary in United States

RIIFO US was founded in Buford, GA. It not only accelerates the delivery of products for the US population but also provides comprehensive services and shares know-how.

Established 11 more subsidiaries worldwide

So far, RIIFO has established 11 more subsidiaries in Mexico, UK, Belgium, Russia,  Tanzania, etc, serving more than 100 countries and regions globally. With unparalleled products and services, RIIFO continues to move forward with the goal of providing ideal piping solutions for more people...