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Hi, This is RIIFO!

The question is, who are we? Founded in 1996, RIIFO is a leading multinational corporation, providing one-stop piping solutions for use in residential, commercial, agricultural, industrial, and infrastructural sectors. With an integrated value chain from R&D to manufacturing and retail distribution, we always strive to fulfill our mission of offering ideal piping products and services to everyone. 


Covering 9 piping systems, we’re committed to serving comprehensive piping solutions for plumbing, heating, air-conditioning, drainage, infrastructure, etc. You can get all the piping solutions you need in one brand, RIIFO. 

We always believe that quality is the priority. The emphasis on quality is engrained in every detail through our rigorous quality control and management system. We set up our lab, which is certified as a world-class lab and has the ability to handle testing required by most certification authorities. To date, we’ve obtained more than 50 well-known international certifications and even advancing beyond the ordinary. Additionally, innovation is our driving force. Our more than 600 innovation talents have spared no efforts to challenge industrial boundaries and have obtained 923 patents. This innovative passion has been perfectly presented in our high-quality and well-designed products. 

Over the years, we’ve kept the production of piping and fittings under our roof. We use more than 4000 highly automated production lines for production in our 10 factories around the world. This not only guarantees high quality but also creates a large-scale effect from raw materials supply to manufacturing and logistics. With the support of these advanced facilities, our production capacity is up to 3.2 billion meters of pipes annually and 1.3 billion pieces of fittings per year.

Based on our high capacity for innovation and manufacturing, we’ve served more than 100 countries and regions, cooperated with 1.5 million registered plumbers, and set up 14 subsidiaries globally. With customer-oriented services and efficient marketing, we don’t merely connect person to person, but city to city, and even the whole world. 


This is RIIFO, an international brand that can provide versatile customer-tailored piping solutions to you. We are always here whenever you need us.