Growing Together with RIIFO!

Our mission is to offer ideal piping solutions to everyone. Although this task is challenging, we  will succeed thanks to the combined efforts of our dynamic, high-performing and energetic employees. RIIFO offers  an environment that encourages and helps everyone reach their full potential.  

Would you like to be part of such a team and develop your talent? Apply  now and make your dream career come  true! 

Why Work at RIIFO?
  • Achieving dreams. With a sound management system, we encourage employees to pursue their dreams and grow together.
  • Health and safety. We create comfortable and pleasant workplaces for our people's physical and mental health and safety.
  • Mutual respect. We help employees in need so that everyone can embrace work and life with enthusiasm.

What do Our Employees Think of RIIFO?

Over the past 25 years, RIIFO has developed rapidly. Meanwhile, many of its employees have grown with RIIFO. What do they think of RIIFO? How do they experience their working environment? Here are their stories.

Who We Need?

RIIFO is your best choice if you are passionate and looking for a great springboard to make your dream career come true. Don't waste time. Apply online on our job portal and grab your chance!