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From R&D to Manufacture & Distribution

We strive to fulfill our mission of offering ideal piping products and services to everyone

About Us

RIIFO is a leading multinational corporation, providing one-stop piping solutions for use in residential, commercial, agricultural, industrial, and infrastructural sectors.
An Innovation Pioneer
Innovation is the key to going beyond the ordinary. What we invent is not merely to meet customers’ needs today but tomorrow as well. 
A Manufacturing Expert
With the most rigorous and comprehensive production control and management system, we use highly automated facilities to for our production.
A Global Market Leader
With outstanding products, customer-oriented services, and efficient marketing, RIIFO has become a well-known market leader globally.
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    branches & subsidiaries

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    countries & regions

  • Reliable Solutions You Can Count on


    RIIFO Plumbing Systems, with Multilayer Plumbing, PPR Plumbing and PEX Plumbing as its core, are ready to offer optimized water supply solutions that are not only hygienic and reliable...

    Electrical Conduit

    RIIFO's got you covered with the reliability for electricity safety and the durability for money-saving tactics.


    Durable, stable, and affordable. RIIFO PVC Drainage System is designed with unrivalled quality and features that go beyond the ordinary. 


    Achievements Speak Louder than Words


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