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RIIFO Global Conference 2023 Completed with Great Success!


RIIFO Global Conference 2023 Completed with Great Success!

RIIFO Global Conference 2023 ended on a high note at the end of April.
A diverse group of business partners were brought together to discuss the latest trends and how to create more value for the global piping industry. Hosted by RIIFO, an international piping solution supplier, the conference featured a series of activities like panel discussions, factory tours, and networking events. Over 100 attendees including wholesalers, contractors, developers, and distributors joined from the piping and related industries.

Over 100 business partners from more than 20 countries and regions joined at RIIFO Global Conference 2023

The conference focused on the theme of "FUSION," with a particular emphasis on integrating, collaborating, and differentiating to make greater things happen for different piping markets all over the world. Over the course of the five-day event, attendees heard from people in the field and had the opportunity to network with fellow professionals. Also discussing how to create added value for local piping markets by fully communicating with each other.  

Splendid moments during the event

Among the highlights of the conference were several keynote speeches. Mr. Victor Xu, the CEO of RIIFO, delivered a powerful address on the importance of following four core values of the company. These include keeping promises, customer first, shared value, and long-termism. Meanwhile, Mr. Jason Cheng, the General Manager of RIIFO Overseas Business Department, proposed that RIIFO will keep creating greater value by providing the best products and services as always and further pushing our globalization strategy from “local service for locals” to “locally made for locals”.

Mr. Victor Xu was giving a welcoming remark

Mr. Jason Cheng is giving a speech themed “To Create Better Value”

In addition to the conference, all attendees also had a RIIFO factory tour, witnessing how RIIFO strives to deliver better piping products to clients through the aspects of R&D, manufacturing, and quality control.  

RIIFO factory tour

Overall, the RIIFO Global Conference proved to be an engaging and thought-provoking event. As the world continues to grapple with pressing economic challenges, events like this are more important than ever for RIIFO to bring our business partners together, looking for ways to create better value for all global customers and driving meaningful progress towards a better future.